Viavi – A Way Of Life For Those Wanting Control Over Their Health

For many, the idea of controlling your health is an impossible, yet dreamlike ideal…The notion of managing your ageing process, improving your energy or being able to better  foresee the health issues that are likely to affect you personally in the future and take the practical steps to prevent them, is something which is seen as out of reach…until now that is. The emergence of exclusive health management companies – such as Viavi – is giving individuals the opportunity to take genuine control of their health, often for the very first time.

Nestled in the heart of London’s world-famous Harley Street district, Viavi is a unique private client health management service which aims to challenge the way individuals perceive and manage their health. The brainchild of Chief Executive Dr Sabine Donnai – a leading global authority on integrated health management and preventive medicine – and Chairman Chris Jessop – a successful healthcare executive and entrepreneur – Viavi believes that health is not ‘incidental’; it is the outcome of the way we live our lives, what we eat, how much we travel, our genetic predispositions and many other factors. The company’s raison d’être is to help individuals gain full control of their health and they do this by adopting a very different approach. Chris explains: “Viavi was created as we wanted to deliver a health management service without barriers – clinically, geographically and financially. We wanted to challenge the traditional way of doing things and apply a combination of world-leading science, deep root cause analysis and utter personalisation. Importantly, we wanted to develop meaningful on-going relationships with our clients, providing the support to help them achieve their goals and take real control of their health”.

It is clear from speaking to Chris that he believes that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to health, preventative medicine and the assessment of health just does not work: he explains that you can share the same birthday, be brought up and educated in the same way, eat the same food and undertake the same exercise programme and yet the impact upon our health can be very different.

In response to this, Viavi is a service which does not take ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to health; it goes beyond the boundaries of the obvious causes and seeks to find a solution for every client and their individual health concern. To bring this ‘takes no prisoner’ health philosophy to life, Dr Donnai shares one example of a client – an international financier, with significant cardio-vascular risk, who was seemingly in control of matters related to his health. She explains: “Under a cardiologist, this particular client was exercising well and carefully managing his cholesterol levels and other risk factors. On paper it seemed like he was doing everything correctly, however the genomic profiling and deep functional testing at Viavi, enabled a much fuller insight into his condition and demonstrated that there was much more he could do if he was keen to manage his serious cardiovascular risk as effectively as possible. This understanding on a level beyond the norm and obvious resulted in a change in approach, allowing a more relevant and focussed programme addressing critical lifestyle issues. For the first time, he was truly in control of his health and managing all his risk factors for the future”.

With clientele ranging from leading business figures and members of international royal families, through to Michelin-starred chefs and a Premiership Football Club, Viavi has garnered an enviable reputation for health management. Viavi has become an essential part of their life, and with the depth of service offered and the level of care and attention given to each individual’s, it is easy to see why.

From hearing Dr Donnai speak at length about the ideology behind Viavi, it becomes apparent that a particular passion and focus for her is the brain; in particular the health of what she describes as the ‘forgotten organ’. She explains: “The world of healthcare in the main seems to be most concerned about high profile areas such as a healthy heart, avoiding obesity and diabetes, and helping to prevent cancer. Very little attention is given to what is probably our most important organ of all, our overall regulator and the absolute master of our being: the brain. I want to ensure my eyes are working well, but what I don’t really appreciate is that it is not my eyes that are seeing – it is my brain that ‘sees’.  My eyes, as are my ears, my taste and touch are merely tools used by my brain to get information so it can make sensible decisions”.

The rest of this editorial will be published at a later date.