Three Quarters Of Festive Brits Value Spending Time With Loved Ones Over Receiving Gifts, by Direct Line Life Insurance

After two years of Covid-interrupted festive celebrations and a cost-of-living crisis, the majority of festive Brits (78 per cent) think spending time with their friends, family and loved ones is more important to them this holiday season rather than receiving presents reveals new research by Direct Line Life Insurance1.

This shift in priorities indicates a positive change in the way people are approaching this holiday season and the way they connect with their loved ones. Half (50 per cent) of people want to find less expensive ways of gifting their family and friends, agreeing that valuable gifts are not always meaningful. Even more people (67 per cent) believe that their loved ones would appreciate thoughtful gifts over expensive ones anyway.

While many UK households are already struggling to cope with the rising cost of living, when thinking about the upcoming festive season, one in four (26 per cent) said they will be spending less on gifts for family and friends this year and 53 per cent admitted that the rising cost of living makes it harder for them to afford gifts.

For those that intend to buy presents for their loved ones, 39 per cent of people plan to choose practical items like heated blankets, scarves/gloves, gardening tools etc.

Recent events have made the gift of time even more important, 41 per cent of people want to spend even more time with their family and friends following the pandemic and its restrictions to. Being able to travel to see family, friends and loved ones, something families have not been able to do due to the restrictions on the past three holidays seasons, is an important aspect for a third of people (29 per cent).

Vincent Guadagnino, Communications Manager at Direct Line Life Insurance, commented:

“Our research clearly shows how this holiday season will be defined by people thinking carefully about what really matters to them when times are tough. Despite the cost-of-living crisis, it’s great to see that people value spending time with their loved ones over receiving gifts, and even then, meaningful gifts are preferred. Now more than ever, practical gifts are helpful to people going through hard times and it’s important that we hold onto this sentimentality to carry us through to the new year. When thinking about our loved ones and their health, we should remember which unconventional ‘gifts’ are available to us in terms of our finances and perhaps think about practical measures like life insurance that can protect what we intend to leave our loved ones.”

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