Locker Room secrets that will leave you breathless

Could you have ever guessed that your school, Middle School, was so old?

Your school, before you were ever born, was once a high school, and then it was a junior high school. Unbelievably, even before it was our school, it went through another change. It was a school for kindergarten classes. Another shocking detail is that our very own Mrs. Puller was a teacher for one of the three kindergarten classrooms. The three rooms had a door that connected them to each other, and each class had a restroom. Now they completely remodeled and created this awesome school that you are lucky enough to attend.

Mrs. Schonewolfpult, the school nurse, went here when she was in seventh and eighth grade. She enjoyed attending this school when it was a junior high school. They switched classes, and the classes were both upstairs and downstairs. Mrs. Pfirman, the gym teacher, was teaching when Mrs. Schonewolfpult went to school. They had all the same classes we had except they also had social studies. She really enjoyed science. They were graded on an A through F scale. They didn’t use our grading system with plusses and minuses. Charles Ackerman taught history and geography. His room was where the new boy’s locker room is at the end of the downstairs hallway. He taught both seventh and eighth grade.

Our school has all sorts of hidden crevices that you might be wondering about. In the main staircase, there are locked doors that used to be the girls’ locker room. It still has showers, stalls, and toilets. This room is now a business office’s storage room that has a door that leads to the balcony of the gym. The closet by the auditorium is a patrol closet now. It used to be a ticket booth for the high school basketball games. There is a window in the door that was pushed open for sales. The newly installed elevators have two doors on each side. The elevator can go down to the boiler room which has steps and a door that leads to the outside. Also, in your very own auditorium where you do band and chorus, there is a set of rickety old stairs that leads up to the old band storage room. There were even still some instruments in there!

So you see, Middle School is filled with hidden places. Now you know some history about your school.