Interview with Yossi Eliyahoo (co-founder) and Stephanie Pearson CEO at The Entourage Group

THE ENTOURAGE GROUP is renowned for creating internationally acclaimed food and beverage concepts across the world. Its wide range of expertise has been cultivated extensively through years of hospitality management, operations and fine dining experience.

CEO Stephanie Pearson, originally from the UK, and husband, Founder and co-owner Yossi Eliyahoo, have raised the standard in the global hospitality sector, since they came onto the scene in 2008, with their first concept MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge.

What is your role at The Entourage Group?

Yossi Eliyahoo, Founder and co-owner of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP.

Stephanie Eliyahoo CEO of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP.

What is the group’s business ethos?

The Entourage Group’s ethos is focused around striving to become the leaders in high end and casual dining hospitality within Europe. To also be innovators in the hospitality industry and offer guests a high quality experience with service and food.

Tell us about your most successful launch?

That would be our very first restaurant, MOMO in Amsterdam. We launched in 2008 with a grand opening event – we created the party of the decade, and in October 2018 we celebrated our 10-year anniversary with a huge celebratory party, seeing more than1200 invitees through the door. Following the launch of MOMO, THE ENTOURAGE GROUP was born.

What is next for The Entourage Group?

We are franchising our successful haute fast food burger concept THE BUTCHER. Currently we operate THE BUTCHER Amsterdam, Berlin and Ibiza. This March a franchise of THE BUTCHER Dubai will launch. We are also expanding our brand-new Pizza concept Toni Loco. MR PORTER Barcelona – a unique concept that artfully blends qualities of a modern steakhouse within a trendy setting-  will launch this spring and we are developing a new Mexican restaurant concept for Amsterdam this year. Following that, THE ENTOURAGE GROUP will also enter in to Milan and there are many more projects on the map, which we will be revealing more details on soon!

Where did it all start for you, in the hospitality industry?

As a teenager Yossi worked in the hospitality industry, working in every aspect of hospitality and experiencing all departments across kitchen, floor and bar. Very quickly, his ambition and drive saw him managing senior positions, and in his early twenties he started a small business of his own. After 7 years he made the move to the UK, as this was the place to be for high end, luxury hospitality; he then developed dining concepts in Leeds, Nottingham and London. It was London where he met his current business partner and friend, Liran Wizman – also founder and co-owner of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP. It was with Liran whom he opened MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge with in 2008 with – and ultimately when THE ENTOURAGE GROUP was created.

What was starting the business like, what challenges did you face?

Every business we open or develop is a challenge, due to the financial risks – we like to introduce something new to consumers, which is not comparable with other brands entering a new market. Every market destination has its own habits and cultures, which makes it uncertain if what you are developing will be welcomed, especially if it’s something new and has not been seen or done before. The unknown is always a challenge! For instance, the shared dining concept 10 years ago in Amsterdam was something new and it was a challenge to introduce guests to the idea of sharing their meals with their party- but as we have seen, this has fast become a global trend.

Who else is involved in The Entourage Group, employees etc?

Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman,  the founders and co-owners of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP, CEO Stephanie Pearson, along with 900 employees over 17 sites in Europe, including Barcelona and Milan, and Dubai.

How did you meet Yossi?

We met whilst we developed the Chino Latino brand in London and went on to develop THE ENTOURAGE GROUP together.

How would you describe your business partnership?

Strong, we have been working together for 16 years. Yossi is the creative brain,  I manage the operational side of our businesses, and Liran is responsible for the hotel part of the business. Loyalty, hard work, dedication and growth are extremely important to us and we try to pass that along to motivate the internal teams too.

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