Interview With Victoria Forbes-Watson, Director, Mayfair Art Consultancy

When did you first realize you wanted to be involved in art and events? 

I started my art and events career at Somerset House when I was completing my art degree 10+ years ago. I helped out at prestigious art exhibitions as a Gallery Assistant and had lots of opportunities to work at lots of different art, fashion and architecture events. This put me in the vicinity of works by Antony Gormley, Tracey Emin, Alexander McQueen, Tim Walker, RIBA and many more. I knew at that early stage that I would devote my working life to art and events.

Did you have any art consultancy role models growing up or even now? Be they individuals or businesses. 

I’ve been in and out of art galleries for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been so impressed with art advisors and gallery staff who know and love the artwork they are showcasing – you can always detect true passion. The Courtauld Gallery, The Wallace Collection, National Portrait Gallery and Charleston will always be firm favourites, offering endless inspiration.

Describe a typical, but busy day at Victoria Forbes Watson.

I start my working day at 8:30am, answering emails and preparing for any scheduled calls / meetings with clients or press. I always make time to walk my dog, Pierre, just after lunch – this is my chance to embrace nature and to ditch the screens for an hour or so. Emails, calls and meetings last until 6pm and I usually work on additional copy writing late in the evening when I feel at my most creative (10pm – 1am). 

If I am running a breakfast, lunch or evening event, my day will be spent venue dressing, art curating, managing guest lists and signing for ice / flower / canapés! I’ll try to pause in Green Park or on the terrace for a moment of calm if the weather is good.

What two or three books would you say have had the biggest impact on who you are today, if not books, people?

I turn to the Bible for peace and encouragement, anything by Agatha Christie for escapism and to my dad for honest work and life advice. All three are invaluable!

What aspirations do you have for the Victoria Forbes Watson brand? For example, would you like to have international offices in New York?

I’d like to continue growing my portfolio of prestigious luxury brand clients, whilst consistently challenging myself and looking for new ways to innovate and grow my business. I am currently supporting two great charities – Refettorio Felix and Compassion. I’d like to do more to support charities working to fight against poverty and homelessness.

You have some well – known clients such as Theo Fennell and Berkeley International, who would be your dream client? 

British craftsmanship interests me greatly – I’d love to work with more iconic, British brands, even if it takes me far out of the city to the edge of the Scottish Highlands! I’d love to throw an event for Henry Poole & Co on Savile Row.

If you could have a permanent brand ambassador for your brand, who would they be and why?

Emma Watson – I’ve always admired her for her eloquence, the way she carries herself and for her work as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.