I-MAGAZINE speaks to Emma Moir, Director at Box Galleries, Kings Road, Chelsea

Can you tell us about your artistic background prior to opening Box Galleries?

I started Box Galleries in 2012, having worked in a large commercial gallery and being given enough autonomy to have the belief I could do it myself! Although I studied Law I always had a creative side and, at one point, was an Artist myself, so I felt I understood both sides of the fence of business vs creative. 

Have you always been interested in art?

My Grandmother was a Landscape Artist in Scotland and I have always been interested and focused on art from a young age. Although I enjoyed being an artist at one point, I have always had a desire to get into the business side of a creative industry. 

What was your inspiration when opening Box Galleries? And did you have any gallery role models?

I wanted to set up a gallery that was in between a commercial print orientated chain and the very high end intimidating galleries, where you have to ring a bell to enter. My aim was to be able to showcase emerging artists alongside investment artwork in a welcoming environment, where clients can buy their first original to collectors building an investment collection. There are many great galleries out there to take inspiration from although I mainly focused on and continue to focus on my own goals and aims. 

What is the current state of the art investment market?

The Art market has been booming for years with some of the biggest auction sales happening even despite financial/political turmoil. A Banksy last week sold at Sothebys for £9.9million! Personally I think clients are broadening their assets and wanting to put their money into something tangible that they can enjoy. 

Is contemporary art seen as a good or a risky investment? 

It depends on who you talk to as to whether it is a good or risky investment but I have had clients make up to 30% profit in a year through artwork and not many industries or products can offer this. It just really depends on how much time the client has in terms of to be tied into the artwork and the profile and strength of the secondary market with the artist in mind. 

Would you consider art as long or short term investment?

It can be both depending on the position of the artist and the exclusivity of their work but if you are investing in emerging artists then the longer you keep hold of them and if they have the right profile trajectory then you will see great return longer term. There are other artists and artwork that you can buy and trade through getting good prices from an art dealer (at Box Galleries!) and then flipping through having the means and avenues to sell quickly at a profit. 

Is the gallery system being undermined by the rise of online platforms?

It is easier for artists to exist without gallery representation due to the rise of online platforms but a lot of true collectors want me to bring the artwork to their house or office or for them to come into the gallery/physical space to view the artwork . This is important because of size/texture/framing/provenance and having the reassurance that they are being advised by an art consultant. Although it is a good start to look online, in my opinion, the online market is saturated and it is far more difficult to differentiate quality and worth. 

About Box Galleries

Established by Emma Moir in 2012, Box Galleries is a contemporary art gallery on the Kings Road in Chelsea, London. We specialise in bringing together recognised investment artwork with emerging talent and taking the artwork to your home/office or commercial venue to trial the artwork in situ before you buy.

What Does Box Gallery Do

Our aim is to show a variety of artwork at various price points, provide a platform for emerging artists as well as to build up investment collections of highly reputable artwork. We have built ourselves an impeccable reputation for having access to artwork by some of the biggest names in the art world, such as Damien Hirst, Roy Lichtenstein, Russell Young and Andy Warhol – to name just a few. In addition to selling artwork we offer flexible leasing terms for both homes, offices, hotels and restaurants. We also offer the ability to source artwork outside our portfolio as well as sell artwork on behalf of private clients.

Box Galleries
402, Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0LJ

Email: info@boxgalleries.com
Phone: +44 7786 033 180