Creative Thinking in Management, By Kieron Goldsborough, Managing Director, Press Ahead

I-MAGAZINE hears the view of Kieron Goldsborough, Managing Director of creative communications agency Press Ahead on creativity in business.

I believe that creativity needs to be in the heart of business and its leaders, it is something that stems from the boardroom right through to every employee.  I am a firm believer in creative solutions to business issues, whatever they maybe. Creativity can be complex as there are so many dimensions, but for me, it is about re-appraising knowledge, gaining insights and having a different viewpoint. Ask brave questions and see where it leads you.

As someone who has chosen a creative career, which was somewhat inevitable, with a father who enjoyed cooking and painting, as one of two sons, my brother becoming a successful and highly regarded chef, I went on to study fine art.  I was inspired by my father’s bookshelves of impressionist art books, I especially loved abstract art and in particularly the work of Picasso. It is this inspiration and creative passion which led me to look at the thinking behind art, rather than art for art’s sake, what else was there to do? 

With Apple Macs launching as I was studying A levels, a new world of design and creativity opened up in the intervening years. I then set up an agency after a decade plus with Trinity Mirror, I now lead and own a marketing communications business and creativity is at the heart of everything we do; whether PR, media planning, marketing and even how we go about new business opportunities.

I believe creativity lends itself to a better understanding of a subject or situation, it challenges the norm and we all need to learn how to foster creativity.  Through encouraging the sharing of ideas across different divisions or departments and the development of new solutions and by creating a culture in organisations that allows people the freedom to take risks and reward effort, as business people, we fulfil our creative role.

I love walking into my office where Apple products stand out from the desks, I like the fact that the team can personalise screen savers and decorate their desks with things that are important to them.  I like my employees to have freedom in creativity and to have channels to express their ideas and I firmly believe it is this approach which has led us to gaining an enviable reputation as creative champions.     

We all believe in creativity, it’s on our job descriptions, we talk about it and we deliver it for our clients.  We know that it is ideas that change the world, change the way people look at things and how they interact with the world around them.  We get a real buzz from creating that which connects, challenges and engages people and that works hard for our clients, whether they are a housing organisation, a construction business, a global outdoor brand, education establishment or race course.  I’m lucky that I work with people who have many ‘light-bulb’ moments!

The rest of this editorial will be publised at a later time.