Advertorial: The Aga Khan Foundation are Delighted To Announce The Silk Road Bazaar

The Aga Khan Foundation are delighted to announce The Silk Road Bazaar — an artisan market inspired by and staged alongside the open-air photography exhibition, The Silk Road: A Living History in London’s King’s Cross (see more below).

Between 11 – 13 June, a select group of artisanal vendors from several countries found along the historic Silk Road trading route will come together to form the Silk Road Bazaar. Visitors will be able to buy Ottoman-inspired silks from Turkey, Pakistani homeware, Afghan jewelry, leather accessories from Cairo, one-of-a-kind calligraphy art, Grade A organic saffron from Iran, handmade Uzbek hats, small batch artisan teas and baklava to name just a few items for sale. Through engaging with the market, visitors will be able to support artisans from a number of countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, and Uzbekistan. The vendors will be complemented by food and drink suppliers from countries along the Silk Road.

The bazaar which aims to create a unique shopping experience for visitors and transport them to markets 1,000 miles away, will form part of the weekly Canopy Market located under the Victorian steel and glass near Granary Square in London’s King’s Cross. Canopy Market brings together fresh produce, artisan food, designer-makers and artists alongside street food, craft drinks and music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fabio Diu, Director of Canopy Market said, ‘Canopy Market is a space to discover talented independents, so we are thrilled to be hosting such an original and evocative event with Aga Khan Foundation, supporting traditional craftsmanship and showcasing an exciting range of unique artisanal products from across the Silk Road alongside the regular market. This is the perfect event for those looking for something a little different for themselves or their homes; something handcrafted, with heritage and a story.’

Eleanor Khan, founder and director of Nimuri, one of the vendors participating in the bazaar said, ‘I’m excited to be selling work by Pakistani artisans at the bazaar alongside other vendors with a similar focus on reviving craft. Pakistani artisanship is little known in the U.K., but the Silk Road photography exhibition will help place the country’s rich heritage within the context of these ancient trade routes. Given that travel is curbed at the moment, it’s also a great way for people to satisfy their wanderlust and experience the thrill of cultural discovery through the stallholders’ wares and stories.’

About the Aga Khan Foundation
The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) seeks to improve the quality of life, promote pluralism, and enhance self-reliance in poor and marginalised communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. AKF strives to enhance agriculture and food security, promote early childhood development and access to quality education, improve health and nutrition, advance economic inclusion, and strengthen civil society.

Working in partnership with communities, governments and others, for over 50 years, AKF’s long-term, community-based approach has addressed and benefited people of all faiths and backgrounds, especially women and girls, using an approach that is locally rooted but globally informed. Active in 20 countries, AKF is a member of the Aga Khan Development Network, one of the world’s leading international development organisations.

About Canopy Market
Built in 1888, the West Handyside Canopy is an historic Victorian steel and glass covered market hall. It was once a bustling food hub housing Billingsgate Fish Market on Sundays and where produce from across the UK was brought into the city from countless railway carriages before being distributed throughout London.

Today Canopy Market is the revival of this heritage. Individually sourcing, selecting and supporting independent producers, Canopy Market brings together a carefully curated range of fresh produce, artisan food, designer-makers and artists alongside street food, craft drinks and music, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.