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IMAGAZINE is a business and politics laced magazine with lifestyle and culture content. The editorial relies strongly on in depth interviews with the leaders of the business and political scenes. From David Milliband to Baroness de Rothschild, I-MAGAZINE reveals their personal view and the journeys that have taken them to where they are, often revealing a side of themselves rarely seen by the media. Click here to download / Media Pack
Publisher  – Vincent Abrams
Counsel – President José Maria Aznar
Editor – D.L Osborne
Public Relations – Alana Panton.
Culture Editor – Henry Hopwood Phillips
Japan / Asia Editor – Michiko Asanuma
Editorial Board
Vincent Abrams – Chairman
Jose Maria Aznar, Former President of Spain
Lord Grenfell
Lord Watson of Richmond CBE
Baroness Greengross
Lord Smith of Clifton
Lord Haselhurst PC
Baroness Prashar
Lord Popat
Lord Jones of Cheltenham
Lord Beecham
Baroness Massey of Darwen
Lord Glentoran
Baroness Thornton
Lord Soley of Hammersmith
Lord Chidgey
Lord Marland of Odstock
Baroness Perry of Southwark
Lord Willoughby de Broke
Media Sales Managers
Denise Woodfield
Paul Barrett
Brand Ambassador
George Meyrick
Ronald J. Walker AC CBE – 1939 – 2018
Lord King of West Bromwich – 1937 – 2013
Lord Laird – 1944 – 2018