Emily Young – Sculptor

What initially led you to become a Sculptor? When did you know it was the medium for you? My grandmother was a successful sculptor, so there were no huge taboos to break, the family home was full of her work, though she died years before I was born. For a while, till my early thirties,…

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Jahid Fazal-Karim, Owner and Chairman of the Board, Jetcraft

Please introduce us to Jetcraft, what do you specialise in? Jetcraft is the largest international buyer, seller and trader of business aircraft. Through our 55+ year history, we have amassed a global presence, with more than 20 offices worldwide. Our Sales Directors know the local market, speak the local language and have facilitated numerous aircraft…

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Charlie Betts, Managing Director, Betts Group

Betts was founded in 1760 and is now in its third century of trading. Tell us a little about the history of Betts. The business was founded to service the newly developed jewellery industry in Birmingham at the start of the industrial revolution. Obviously a lot has changed since then, with huge technological developments in…

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Giovanni Dolci – Senior Vice President, IMAX

What is your role at IMAX and what are you responsible for? In my role of senior vice president of theatre development and managing director of Europe and Africa, I am primarily responsible for overseeing IMAX’s growth and theatre expansion in these markets, as well as implementing the company’s strategy throughout the region.  Please can…

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Nuraphone Headphones by Nura Review

Aussie-founded headphones first entered into the collective consciousness just a year ago with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign. And not just any campaign either, as the Nuraphone turned out to be Australia’s largest funded Kickstarter campaign ever. Quite the accolade indeed. So what made it so popular? Well, our guess is the premise that…

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Baroness Shirley Williams – The Biography by Mark Peel

During a discussion marking the death of Margaret Thatcher in April 2012, the journalist and broadcaster Andrew Neil turned to Shirley Williams, the Liberal Democrat peer and former Labour Cabinet minister, and asked her why Thatcher had beaten her in the race to become Britain’s first female prime minister. It was a pertinent question because…

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